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Related article: Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 03:23:08 +0800 From: Subject: KILT : After the Fiesta (t/t)(oral)(true)Date : March 1, 2001 KILT : After the Fiesta (t/t)(oral)(true) Author : Trese ======================================================================= Background on KILT:Kathang Isip Lamang ni Trese (KILT) is a collection of original writings, fiction, or non-fiction depicting gay erotic themes.You may copy KILT Stories for your personal reading pleasures. However, posting and redistributing any of these writings via electronic mail, publishing it in magazines, using it as film scripts, etc., is strictly prohibited. Only individuals, groups, web sites, publishing houses, film outfits, etc., that were given proper authorization reserve the right to post or redistribute these materials. ======================================================================= Disclaimer:The story you are about read contains gay erotic experiences. So, if you are not of legal age or your country, religion, moral universe etc., consider this writings to be perverse, then I suggest that you should find something else to read. And, if you should decide Sexy Lolitas Bbs to read this type of literature, neither this site nor the author will be held accountable for your actions. =======================================================================Author's Note:This is a true story. Names were changed to protect the identities of all parties involved.To read my other stories, kindly visit my web site =================================================%3
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